Ella Howlett Photoshoot

While shooting a new Longboarding video with Ella Howlett we decided to do a quick impromptu photoshoot on tank that we found in the abandoned site we were shooting in.  Here is a selection of the best shots. The film we shot is currently being finished in post and should be up in the next couple weeks and will be shared here. It was great shooting with Ella as we haven't made a longboard film for about two years.


2015 was an amazing year and i've really enjoyed producing films and photos for some great clients! It has been especially great working everyday on something I love. I plan to do even more next year.
Bring on 2016!


FIX Photoshoot

Recently I did a photoshoot with FIX to give them some shots for them to use on their social media as well as for press usage. I wanted the images to have a really clean look to them keeping it very simple and monochromatic. The image was editing in a very contrast heavy black and white style to give a very gritty and artistic feeling.

Saatchi Gallery Exhibiton

I entered my sculpture 'Construction' into the Saatchi Gallery's Deutsche Bank Art Prize for Schools along with 20,000 other applicants. I was shortlisted to the top 20 and my work was displayed in the gallery in London for 1 week. Unfortunately due to the size of the sculpture I displayed the work using an 8 foot print and a 3 minute video which looped and can be found below.

It was an incredible experience to have my work shown in a nationally recognised gallery. It was especially interesting watching people look at my work and discuss what I had done and how I had done it.

New Street Photography Images

After a couple trips to London and around Cambridge, managed to get some great images which are now featured in the 'Photography' section. There was a lot of influence form Matt Stuart and Henri Cartier-Bresson in these images, so go look at theirs if you enjoy this. Here are some of the best from the day:


All photos shot on a variety of film and with a Canon 30 and 50mm 1.8.

Hello World...

Sorry, had to do it!

Here is your stereotypical first 'Hello World' blog post on my new website. I will look back on this moment with fond memories!

So yeah, here is my website which I have laboured over for the past week or so, I hope you enjoy what you see. Very happy with how it turned out! Good job SquareSpace!

Now what you can expect to see on this blog I hear you ask... (sorry again for being silly haha). Basically I am going to try and update this as regularly as I can with either what I am doing like a twitter, as well as videos (mainly from Vimeo) which I find particularly awesome or inspirational.

So yeah, I won't waffle on any longer! Stay tuned for more...