2015 was an amazing year and i've really enjoyed producing films and photos for some great clients! It has been especially great working everyday on something I love. I plan to do even more next year.
Bring on 2016!


Saatchi Gallery Exhibiton

I entered my sculpture 'Construction' into the Saatchi Gallery's Deutsche Bank Art Prize for Schools along with 20,000 other applicants. I was shortlisted to the top 20 and my work was displayed in the gallery in London for 1 week. Unfortunately due to the size of the sculpture I displayed the work using an 8 foot print and a 3 minute video which looped and can be found below.

It was an incredible experience to have my work shown in a nationally recognised gallery. It was especially interesting watching people look at my work and discuss what I had done and how I had done it.

Hello World...

Sorry, had to do it!

Here is your stereotypical first 'Hello World' blog post on my new website. I will look back on this moment with fond memories!

So yeah, here is my website which I have laboured over for the past week or so, I hope you enjoy what you see. Very happy with how it turned out! Good job SquareSpace!

Now what you can expect to see on this blog I hear you ask... (sorry again for being silly haha). Basically I am going to try and update this as regularly as I can with either what I am doing like a twitter, as well as videos (mainly from Vimeo) which I find particularly awesome or inspirational.

So yeah, I won't waffle on any longer! Stay tuned for more...